What’s New?

The ATTRACT Phase 2 is scheduled to kick-off on May 31, 2022.

New publications!

Pujol Priego, L and J. Wareham “From Bits to Atoms: White Rabbit at CERN,” MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming.

Pujol Priego, L, Wareham J., Romasanta A.K. (2022) “The Puzzle of Sharing Scientific Data” Industry and Innovation, 29(2) pp. 219-250.

Wareham J., Pujol Priego L., Romasanta, A. K., Wareham-Mathiassen T., Nordberg M., Garcia Tello P. “Systematising Serendipity for Big Science Infrastructures: the ATTRACT project.” Technovation. Forthcoming

Romasanta, A. K., Wareham J., Pujol Priego L., Garcia Tello P., Nordberg M.. Risky Business: How to Capitalize on the Success of Big Science.” Issues in Science and Technology (July 23, 2021)