What’s New?

ESADE is hosting the CS3 Cloud Services for Synchronisation and Sharing conference on March 6-8, 2023. This is a specialized conference with a focus on scientific computing architectures. CS3 2023

The ATTRACT Phase 1B (Environmental Applications) is scheduled to kick-off in Feb, 2023.

New publications!

Pujol Priego, L and J. Wareham “From Bits to Atoms: White Rabbit at CERN,” MIS Quarterly, Forthcoming.

Wareham, J. Pujol Priego, L. Romasanta, A. Ahmadova, G. “The Nexus of Translational Action” (2022). International Conference on Information Systems ICIS 2022 Proceedings. 3. Runner-up, Best Short Paper Award

Pujol Priego, L, Wareham J., Romasanta A.K. (2022) “The Puzzle of Sharing Scientific Data” Industry and Innovation, 29(2) pp. 219-250.

Wareham J., Pujol Priego L., Romasanta, A. K., Wareham-Mathiassen T., Nordberg M., Garcia Tello P. “Systematising Serendipity for Big Science Infrastructures: the ATTRACT project.” Technovation. 2022 (116), 102374.

Romasanta, A. K., Wareham J., Pujol Priego L., Garcia Tello P., Nordberg M.. Risky Business: How to Capitalize on the Success of Big Science.” Issues in Science and Technology (July 23, 2021)